Systems Engineering
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Minerva Engineering's Systems Engineering (SE) process is the motive force behind our problem solving approach. With degreed and certified Systems Engineers on staff, we excel at defining the customer's needs, identifying the problem space and synthesizing a solution that satisfies technical, cost and schedule constraints. There is no business or engineering problem that cannot be addressed within the paradigm of Systems Engineering and Minerva Engineering excels at the implementation of SE principles.

Proven Systems Engineering Process

Minerva Engineering has created a unique Object Oriented (OO) approach to SE which exemplifies the best elements of OO design and traditional SE philosophies. Fully compliant with the SEI's Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for Systems Engineering, this flexible and comprehensive process has been proven effective on numerous large and small scale programs for major telecommunications companies as well as the US Government.

Engineering For The System Lifecycle

Systems Engineers develop requirements for all program phases within the Constraints levied by the development & deployment lifecycles of any system. This means that whether you're manufacturing a single component or deploying an advanced telecommunications or surveillance system, the entire product lifecycle has to be considered during the requirements generation phase. Minerva Engineering has worked on solving problems and designing systems from their initial conception through retirement and has performed full-lifecycle engineering and analyses to ensure that the claims of your product or system can be satisfied.

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Systems Engineering

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