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Minerva Engineering has a reputation for providing high quality engineering services to a broad range of government agencies.  Our customer-centric approach ensures that we exceed our customer's expectations for performance, schedule maintenance and cost risk management.

It's our employees that make the difference.  Our top quality information security professionals and managers are constantly striving to stay ahead of technological developments and bring innovative approaches and solutions to customer issues in support of program goals.

Our information security engineers and managers hold professional certifications (PMP, 8570-M and other compliance standards) and are recognized by our customers for their excellent performance.

We can help you understand things about your program processes, strategies and technologies that can make a real difference in performances, schedule and cost goal attainment.

“…Minerva provided systems and software engineers who are experts in their disciplines…The overall quality of the contractor’s team was superior. Minerva continuously demonstrated a high level of performance that exceeded the Government’s expectations…”

Comments from Past Performance for JCAS Training and Simulation effort Air Force Research Lab – AFRL/HEA, Human Effectiveness Directorate, JTAC TRS Program Manager



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