Cyber Operations
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Cyber Operations

Minerva Engineering has an extensive background in Computer Network Defense (CND) that we can leverage to support our customers’ need to protect, monitor, analyze, detect and respond to unauthorized activity within DoD systems and networks. Using both active and passive techniques, our engineers employ IA principles and specific actions necessary to modify system/network configurations in response to alerts or threat data. We utilize all aspects of DoD CND policies to include CJCS, DoDD/DODI and NIST policy and procedure documentation (including incident handling and reporting responsibilities). We are also well-versed in the utilization of attack, defense and network warfare support in Network Warfare Operations activities including the use of active defense techniques. Passive elements of CND are utilized as a normal part of our secure system architecting and include firewalls, access control, encryption, IAVA patches and system update patches, vulnerability assessments and other techniques (e.g. intrusion detection and adaptive response tool utilization).

Hardware, Software & Network Vulnerability Assessment

Minerva Engineering’s vulnerability assessment capabilities include support for both evaluation and hardening of software, hardware, and network environments. Whether your system is a complex, distributed enterprise network, a piece of software, a hardware component intended for use in a larger system or a system of systems, Minerva Engineering has the experience and knowledge to help you assess vulnerabilities as they exist and what to do about it.

Our evaluation activities will assess how vulnerable your system is by determining if it meets mandatory standards and policies including National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Policy (NSTISSP) No. 11, the Information Assurance Software Requirements Directive (IASRD) and DoD Directive 8500.1 requiring use of Common Criteria evaluation. We will provide an evaluation of your system by scoring it in the context of the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) and the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). When we’re through, you’ll have a report detailing our findings and identifying what can be done to harden your systems that will help you protect your investments.

Penetration Testing

Aggressively evaluating your network, software and the personnel using it can be an effective test of how well your infrastructure team has prepared your network and the people that use it against intruders. Minerva Engineering performs Black Box (no knowledge of the system) and White Box (specific knowledge of the system) penetration testing of target networks using a broad variety of tools and techniques.

As part of our arrangement with customers, our Red Team can work surreptitiously to test just how vulnerable your network and staff are or we can work overtly in a war-gaming scenario to see how well your infrastructure team responds to an attack or effort to compromise your data. We employ modern techniques to infiltrate your networks that are commensurate with trends in modern cyber-crime and cyber-warfare. Our goal is investigation and reporting and when we’re done, you’ll be provided with a confidential report detailing exactly how vulnerable your network or system is to intrusion.

Penetration And Vulnerability Evaluation (PAVE) Lab

Minerva’s Penetration And Vulnerability Evaluation (PAVE) lab is designed to perform vulnerability evaluation of products and penetration testing and to hone the capabilities of Minerva-developed tools. Using a combination of COTS, Minerva-developed tools and government provided technology transfer, our lab is capable of performing a broad range of vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. In conjunction with our Cryptographic Systems Lab (CSL) the PAVE lab is used to support analysis and studies of various cyber security areas of interest including data at rest, computer and data forensics and general support to CND type activities. Working together, these two labs allow us to conduct meaningful analyses and tests in simulated real world environments to support the evaluation of new technologies, emerging IA systems and methodologies into DoD environments that include the GIG.


Cyber Operations

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