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Type 1, Type 2 and Suite B Software Products & Services

Minerva Engineering provides services and products for many Type I, Type II and Suite B cryptographic systems.

We have a detailed understanding of NSTISSP 11, CNSS 15 and DoD 8500 requirements and their application and provide the following services and associated products:

  • Algorithm Development
  • Key Management
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Certification and Accreditation of Crypto Systems

Minerva Engineering provides engineering design, integration and test on a wide diversity of encryption systems that includes Type I, Type II and Suite B applications. We can help in the tasks that are required to ensure your cryptographic system satisfies either government or commercial standards. We have a detailed and practical working knowledge of NSTISSP 11, CNSS 15, DoD 8500, FIPS and other standards that govern the use of specific algorithm and usage types. Minerva Engineering has an extensive background in providing encryption products and services for C4ISR platforms, software defined radios, aircraft, watercraft and ship-based platforms, space systems and distributed enterprise systems.

Minerva Engineering has programmatic experience as a SETA contractor and in support of developer organizations. As such, we have developed a keen insight into user-driven needs, government certification & accreditation processes and standards, the integration of security functions in software and hardware and methods to reduce risk to program acquisition, cost and schedule.

Algorithm Development

Minerva Engineering has extensive experience in the development, integration and test of encryption algorithms. We have developed encryption algorithms using the Finite Field Cryptography (FFC) based methods and also specialize in state of the art Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) techniques.

In addition, Minerva Engineering provides services for hardware and software implementation of encryption technologies and algorithms that are compliant with FIPS 140-1, FIPS 140-2 and NSA certification requirements (including provable mechanisms to securely zeroize and hardware enforced security boundaries). We specialize in the design of single hardware implementations for multiple Type I algorithms and implementation of commercial encryption technologies and algorithms including DES, 3DES, Blowfish, AES, and others.

Key Management

Minerva Engineering provides services for the development, implementation and test of key generation, key distribution, key agreement and support for all public/private key systems. We have an extensive history of implementing Suite B (NSA-sponsored) encryption technologies based on public/private key systems including the Elliptic Curve Cryptography which includes ECC key generation, digital signature (EDCSA) standards and MQV and ECDH key agreement standards. In addition, Minerva Engineering provides Type I key generation engagement with the NSA and support to crypto modernization efforts. We have detailed knowledge and experience in various techniques including Benign Fill, FIREFLY, DS-101, DS-102 and related protocols.

Embedded Software Development

Minerva Engineering has extensive embedded software development experience associated with AIM® and Sierra II ® based products and is very familiar with application development involving Protocol Data Units (PDUs) and Key Management and Crypto Engines. Minerva Engineering has developed cryptographic subsystems at our own software development facility which is specifically constructed to support classified and unclassified software development. As part of our cryptographic system embedded software development environment, Minerva Engineering uses our state-of-the-art Message and Crypto Data Formatter tool across multiple cryptographic programs

As a true process-oriented company with over twelve years of experience operating in Software SEI-CMM Level 4 and 5 environments and with an ISO 9001-2000 and 9001-2008 quality certification, Minerva Engineering has established a complete set of software project-related processes. Our engineers have successfully applied these processes and principles across multiple projects, testing both system and subsystem requirements for performing independent Security Verification Testing (SVT) on major cryptographic systems. Minerva Engineering has an excellent cost, technical and schedule contractual performance history and we take pride in the delivery of our zero defect cryptographic subsystem software

Due to our extensive experience in the design, development, and execution of test plans and test procedures for cryptographic applications, we have the unique capability of performing complete independent verification and validation (IV&V) of both embedded and large-scale cryptographic systems.

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