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You may not have thought about it, but the value of your benefits amounts to a considerable sum each year in addition to the wages or salary you earn. The following are the benefits Minerva Engineering provides for all eligible employees. Part of our corporate vision includes creating a niche within our technical service areas in which we offer our customers high quality services at exceptional rates. As such, modifications to our benefits programs have to be weighed against the ultimate impact to that vision. Since Minerva Engineering is still developing and growing, the current list of benefits existing below shall mature and grow over time just as the company grows and matures.

  • Medical and Dental Insurance Plans  - Shared Premium Cost (85% Company Paid. You may opt out.)
  • Life Insurance Plan (100% Company Paid)
  • Short Term & Long Term Disability Plan (100% Company Paid)
  • Employee Assistance Program (100% Company Paid)
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan (Traditional and ROTH) - Includes discretionary Employer Contributions up to 6% of qualified earnings 
  • Employee Pre-Taxed Supplemental Insurance
  • Paid Time Off (12 days per year)
  • Paid Holidays (10 plus 1 floating)
  • Direct Deposit for Employee Paychecks
  • Continuing Education Assistance
  • 529 Education Plan
  • Employee Pre-Tax Dependent Day Care Plan
  • Paid yearly CostCo or Sam’s Club Membership
  • Annual, Spot, and Incentive Bonuses
  • New Employee Referral Bonus
  • Employee Service Awards


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