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Cultural Mandates
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Our Guiding Principles

  • The management and technical staff of Minerva Engineering are united in common spirit and have committed themselves to the following set of principles. These principles are statements addressing fundamental concepts which must be considered regarding how Minerva Engineering accomplishes the stated Mission. These principles are the underlying basis for the way in which we conduct business.

  • In all business dealings, internal and external to the company, Minerva Engineering will strive to treat business associates and employees in a fair and equitable manner.

  • Minerva Engineering will deal with our business associates and employees openly, honestly and with integrity in all matters.

  • The structures and systems in place at Minerva Engineering will not inhibit the use of common sense in making business decisions.
  • Minerva Engineering will encourage the continual mental, social and professional growth of its employees, recognizing that these are key elements for supporting business stability and growth.

  • All members of Minerva Engineering will always strive to represent ourselves, and our company, with the greatest integrity, professionalism and highest ethical standards.

  • Minerva Engineering will constantly strive to exceed our customer expectations and bring innovation to resolving issues or technical problems.

  • Through a long-term commitment to these principles, Minerva Engineering will always be known as a company that is technically exceptional, innovative, and fair.

Cultural Mandates

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